Our range includes brioche, ciabatta, crusty Italian filone and crusty rolls, Panini, French baguettes, Turkish bread, genuine long fermented sour dough, gluten free bread, as well as regular white, wholemeal, and grain bread and rolls.


Our range is available to cafes, clubs and restaurants througout the area with clients in Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Ballina, Kyogle, Evans Head, Maclean, Grafton and Lismore of course. Please ring or email to discuss details.

Loaves and Rolls

  • Focaccia Bread & Rolls

    A flat style of roll or loaf, with various savoury toppings and brushed with Olive Oil and herbs for added flavour. An excellent base for savoury melts, grills and toasts.

  • Filone

    This typical crusty Italian bread has a slightly open texture, and a soft crumb… the result of traditional Italian methods which take time, but are well worth the result.

  • French Baguette

    Another simple ingredient list of flour, salt, water and yeast and malt flour. Again with this product we uphold the values of traditional baking methods used by the French, to create this most rewarding of daily breads.

  • Ciabatta (“Slipper”)

    Originating in northern Italy, this delicious chewy, crusty loaf is made from the simplest ingredients… unbleached wheaten flour, olive oil, salt, yeast and filtered water. The techniques used to produce this loaf result in a very juicy with a waxy, open, irregular texture, and a distinctive flavor.

  • Rotonda

    A mini table loaf Italian style, popular with Restaurants.

  • Goliath Fruit and Nut loaf

    A Henry’s icon, this bread has been sent airfreight to Adelaide and Melbourne!… a wholegrain loaf with grains, dates, walnuts, dried apricots, and sultanas. No added sugar… gains its sweetness naturally through the fruit. Enjoy as a healthy alternative to traditional fruit loaf, toasted or simply buttered, for a satisfying snack.


The ancient art of naturally leavened bread. With our sour dough, we use slow fermentation, wild yeasts and a symbiosos of organisms to produce bread of distinctive flavor, texture, and sound gastronomic and nutritional qualities. The process has a positive effect on protein structure, and results in a lower GI, better absorbtion rate and good keeping quality. Baked Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • White Sour Dough

    Combines only flour, filtered water, natural culture and sea salt.

  • Grain Sour Dough

    As for light rye sour dough, with added oats, kibbled wheat, linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds.

  • Light Rye and Caraway Light Rye Sour Dough

    Combines white flour, wholemeal flour, fine rye meal, rye flour, natural culture, filtered water, and sea salt.

  • Olive Sour Dough

    OUr Light Rye Sour Dough with a generous 150g of pitted Kalamata olives.

Gluten Free Breads

Our Gluten Free Breads can be ordered as bread in any shape and weight, or made up as rolls. Baked Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Gluten Free Bread

    INGREDIENTS: Startches (Maize, Rice), Rice flour, Modified Starch (1442), Sugar, Soy Flour, Egg White, Iodised Salt, Psyllium Powder, Thickeners (464, 415).